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About Masterclasses for Therapists

About masterclasses

Our masterclasses for therapists have been created to help counsellors and health professionals delve deeper into practice methods used by industry experts. We have crafted our Therapy Session Masterclass (TSM) Series to fill a gap in the education of therapists when continuing their professional development.

Our TSM Series is moderated and led by Dr Jan McGregor Hepburn, consisting of evening sessions, all of which can be attended as individual masterclasses. The events start with a leading expert in psychotherapy and counselling leading a demo counselling session with a client – these can be pre-recorded or live role-play.

Attendees will be able to follow the session and observe the Psychotherapist in a clinical setting, watching how they utilise therapy methods. Following on from the demo session, there will be moderated interaction, with questions on the different therapy tools used in the session. By following a demo therapy session, many of our members have found they are able to integrate new methods of therapy into their own practice.

Our delegates have found the TSM Series to be extremely interactive and a fantastic way of learning via observation of how another Psychotherapist works and interacts with their own clients.

We are regularly updating new masterclasses for therapists, therefore whatever learning experience you are looking for, we have something for you.

Why choose nscience?

Our team have created our Therapy Session Masterclass (TSM) Series to provide an innovative way for psychotherapists and mental health professionals to learn from the industry’s leading experts. We work alongside these specialists and utilise their knowledge to help our members deepen their understanding of therapy methods.

By seeing these methods being used in a live setting, attendees can gain a further insight into how to apply these tools during their own practice.

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What you’ll learn

When attending one of our Therapy Session Masterclasses, you will learn:

These are some examples of the potential topics you could learn more about when attending one of our masterclasses for therapists, however, we are regularly adding to our event schedule and so, keeping up to date with our course listings is essential.

Our subscribers benefit from regular updates on our latest TSM Series events, if you would like to know more sign up using the form at the bottom of this page.

You’ll also find...

Recent developments in bereavement research, in neuroscience and in attachment theory that bear on our understanding of how people adapt to loss

Working with clients with a history of risk and the importance of language and listening with such clients

How do we compensate for the non-observable couple dynamic and patterns of interaction between partners in the absence of the client’s partner in the consulting room?

Theoretical understandings of adolescent and young adult development and states of transition

Who Are These Courses For?

As with all our courses, these masterclasses are for psychotherapists and counsellors at all stages of their career. Whether you are yet to qualify, or have been practicing for many years, our TSM Series will help you to continue your professional development by listening and engaging with industry experts.

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