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Mindfulness Therapy Training Courses

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About mindfulness training courses for therapists

Mindfulness is now regarded as an important therapeutic tool. In simple terms, mindfulness is an ability to be fully present when it comes to thoughts, feelings and senses. Instead of being overwhelmed by these emotions and stressful situations, you are simply aware of them and allow yourself the space to be calm and in control of the situation.

Mindfulness is used in a range of different therapies. This includes dialectal behaviour therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and various therapies that tackle addiction and abuse. However, it can mainly be found in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), where clients are encouraged to talk about their feelings and to become more aware of their behaviour patterns. People turn to CBT for the treatment of a range of mental health conditions, such as anxiety disorders and panic disorders.

A CBT therapist will use mindfulness to confront negative behaviours that can allow for a toxic cycle to continue in the client’s life. The client will talk about past experiences that may have shaped their behaviours today. The CBT therapist will then use mindfulness to help deconstruct these experiences. The patient will be encouraged to consider their thoughts and feelings. They will then be asked to take action to confront them.

Mindfulness is a very useful technique to help people see themselves in a more positive light. By living in the moment, we rely less on immediate thoughts and feelings. Instead, we enjoy ourselves and are able to realise when we are becoming depressed or too focused on our problems. That’s why it’s perfect for a range of therapists to use as a technique.

Here at nscience, we understand that you may wish to continue your professional development, also known as CPD.

Nscience has created a wide range of courses, seminars, conferences and webinars for you to enjoy. These are both online and offline and are taught by specialists in their field. You can use the techniques taught in these sessions to help with your own clients and to enhance the services that you have to offer.

When you take a look at the mindfulness courses nscience has to offer, you will realise that you have an opportunity to learn a range of techniques to support you in your practice. Here are some examples of what you could learn:

Mindfulness can be used in a range of different therapies. In particular, it may be useful for CBT therapists. However, if your line of work focuses on any form of communication and talking therapies, you may also find mindfulness a useful tool to have in your toolkit. These courses are designed for experienced professionals, as well as for those who are just starting their careers.

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