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Online Therapy Training Throughout The UK

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  • Video resource pack: The Online Therapy Resource Kit

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  • NScience | Mental Health Seminars

    Video resource pack: EMDR and Mindfulness – Delivering Effective EMDR therapy online

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  • Body-Oriented Therapy for PTSD & Complex Trauma: A Somatic Approach to Complex Traumatic Stress: Video Course

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  • Therapy Session Masterclass (TSM) Series: Working with Young People in Distress: Video Course

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  • Becoming a Trauma-Informed Supervisor: The Role of Trauma in Supervision: Video Course

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  • Coercive Control, Physical and Sexual Violence in Intimate Relationships: Understanding the Spectrum of Domestic Abuse: Video Course

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  • The Emotionally Neglected Client: Consequences of a Lack of Early Attunement: Video Course

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  • Aspiring Non-Fiction Writers Workshop: How to get your ideas into print: Video Course

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  • Let’s Talk About Sex – Sexuality in the Therapeutic Space: Breaking the Silence and Reducing Shame: Video Course

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  • The Role of Fantasy in Complex Trauma: Video Course

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  • The Art and Science of Couples Therapy: Video Course

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  • Making Yourself a Priority: Self-Care Toolkit for Psychotherapists & Counsellors: Video Course

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About online therapy training courses for therapists

Even prior to the coronavirus crisis, online therapy enjoyed popularity among clients interested in taking the opportunity to speak to a counsellor or therapist in the comfort of their own home. Also sometimes referred to as ‘web therapy’ or ‘remote therapy’, online therapy has long offered potential clients advantages ranging from lower wait times to simple convenience.

Given the scope for online therapy to take place almost anywhere with an Internet connection, it can help make therapeutic assistance more accessible for those who may be unable to reach their intended therapist’s physical premises. Online therapy may also be appreciated by people suffering from shyness and embarrassment, as well as those who simply prefer to keep in contact with their therapist at a distance.

Whether you wish to provide therapeutic treatments online as an existing mental health professional, or are curious about this area of practice, nscience can make available highly relevant training programmes.

The challenges involved in the effective delivery of online therapy sessions are many. Whatever your own status and experience may be in relation to psychotherapeutic work, you are likely to appreciate tools and courses backed by the findings of the very latest research.

This is what nscience can offer you, with our extensive selection of both in-person and online events and courses, encompassing seminars, webinars, workshops and conferences helmed by some of the world’s most respected practitioners and researchers.

We are committed to assisting with every stage of your continued professional development (CPD/CE) as an online therapist, with our training courses being highly stimulating, and addressing a broad range of pertinent issues in therapeutic practice today.

We presently offer various video courses and resource kits focusing on – but by no means limited to – the following concerns surrounding aspects of online therapy:

With the task of delivering online therapy sessions presenting such distinctive challenges compared to face-to-face treatments, it is crucial that the mental health professionals of today keep their skills and knowledge updated to enable them to rise to these challenges.

So, as a psychotherapist or counsellor working across any of a variety of disciplines and modalities, you are likely to gain invaluable insight from our video courses geared around online therapy. Even non-therapists with an interest in entering the field could learn considerably from our programmes about the nature and effectiveness of online counselling. This, in turn, could aid them in making informed decisions on their own future training and development.

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