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Somatic Based Therapy Courses

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About somatic-based therapy training courses for therapists

Somatic-based therapy is founded on the principle that the mind, body and emotions are intertwined, and that this should be reflected in mental health treatment.

While standard forms of therapy – such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – are focused largely on the mind, somatic-based therapy embraces body-oriented modalities, such as breathwork, dance and meditation, to help clients heal.

Clients who seek out somatic-based therapy can therefore expect talk therapy to be combined with mind-body exercises and other physical techniques aimed at assisting them in releasing the tension that may be detrimentally impacting their physical and emotional wellbeing.

It is becoming increasingly common for mental health practitioners working across modalities to acknowledge the intricate connections between the mind, body and emotions. Clients who have experienced highly stressful and traumatic events, for instance, may sustain feelings of anger and frustration that are profoundly felt in the central nervous system and even their body language.

This mind-body link, in turn, is informing all manner of innovative approaches geared towards freeing clients from lingering stress and pain, so that they can once again lead the most rewarding and well-rounded lives.

Whatever the current nature of your involvement is in the mental health profession – or indeed, if you are an aspiring psychotherapist, psychologist or counsellor – you can always have the utmost confidence in the quality and relevance of our training programmes.

As an organisation, nscience is synonymous with widely trusted continued professional development (CPD) courses, workshops, seminars and webinars, helmed by some of the most respected experts from across the globe. Attend any nscience course, and you can expect to gain invaluable insights into your present or potential practice, informed by the latest thinking and research.

We make available a broad assortment of video courses and other training routes for both would-be and currently active mental health practitioners wishing to learn more about all the aspects of somatic-based treatments listed below – and this list is not exhaustive:

While our training courses are open to everyone, however, it is also true that we target our programmes largely at existing practitioners who are keen to build on their knowledge and skills.

As a psychotherapist or counsellor, you may not work solely or mainly with clients seeking somatic-based therapy. However, you might still find the the insights our specialised video courses, seminars, webinars and workshops very helpful in enhancing your understanding of your clients and provide you practical strategies that you can use in your practice.

Our team is committed to giving discerning mental health professionals access to the therapeutic tools that will help them maximise their effectiveness in close work with clients – and our courses in relation to somatic-based therapy can greatly contribute towards that goal.

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