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Attachment Narrative Therapy (ANT): Integrating Systemic, Attachment and Narrative Approaches

An online webinar 

Speaker: Prof Rudi Dallos

Date: 6 May 2021, Thursday
Location: Online streaming only (
all our webinar tickets now include complimentary access to a recorded version for 30 days)
Times: 6:00pm to 9:00pm, London, UK time
CPD hours: 3

Early bird ticket price per delegate for online streaming of the event: £56

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Viewing attachment ideas as familial, instead of as a dyadic process, Attachment Narrative Therapy (ANT) brings together systemic therapy and Attachment Theory, to provide a clear framework for therapeutic action that:

  • Helps our clients to name and regulate emotions
  • Allows us as therapists, as well as our clients to view emotional states and actions from relational perspectives
  • Increases understanding and tolerance for negative emotional states in intimate relationships
  • Specifically focuses on patterns of comforting and self-soothing
  • Enables the processing of emotional experience with a view to steering ourselves towards resilience and not distress
  • Promotes an understanding of trans-generational patterns of attachment seeking and caring
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Full Course Information

At this experiential online webinar, which would be especially relevant for therapists and counsellors across modalities, who work with families, children and young people; Prof. Rudi Dallos draws on his practical experience in setting up ANT based interventions to discuss:

  • How ideas from attachment theory, systemic family therapy and narrative therapy can be integrated into work with families, couples and individuals
  • Illustrations of how the ANT approach offers new integrations between these three orientations with specific reference to models of formulation
  • Clinical examples that illustrate the use of ANT framework, including work with conduct disorders, self-harm, eating disorders and autism

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an understanding of contemporary developments in attachment, narrative and systemic therapies
  2. Understand how these are integrated in the ANT approach
  3. Appreciate the relevance of the ANT model for clinical formulation and intervention
  4. Be able to utilise the ANT framework to consider a range of clinical problems
  5. Gain knowledge of application of a range of ANT approaches / formats for working with clinical problems

About the speaker

Prof. Rudi Dallos is Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Plymouth. He has conducted research and engaged in clinical practice with families for over 30 years. Rudi specialises in work with children and conditions such as anorexia, autism, offending behaviours and conduct related problems.  He has the author of several books and articles on the theme including:  An Introduction to Family Therapy, Attachment Narrative Therapy, Formulation in Psychotherapy and Counselling and Working Systemically with Attachment Narratives. Currently, Rudi is engaged in a major research trial with Becky McKenzie to develop and evaluate SAFE, an ANT based intervention for families with a child diagnosed with autism.


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