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Guilt and Shame: A Clinician’s Guide

Jan Hepburn is to be commended for producing such a concise and refreshing guide to guilt and shame from a clinical perspective. Hepburn’s focus on pathological states of neurotic guilt is particularly helpful. Guilt is more often an impediment to development rather than a sign of maturity and the way it is either fostered or deconstructed in therapy is of vital importance. Using clear and direct language, Hepburn illustrates different examples of guilt and therapeutic approaches to understanding it with skill and acumen.
Coline Covington, author of For Goodness Sake: Bravery, Patriotism and Identity.

Book Details
Author: Dr Jan McGregor Hepburn
ISBN: 978-1-80049-348-3
Format: Digital Download
Page count: 140
Publish date: 2021
Subject / Category: Psychotherapy / Psychology

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Full Book Description

This book, which is a concise and definitive guide on the multi-layered concepts of Guilt and Shame, is borne out of extensive research and clinical practice of Dr Jan McGregor Hepburn. She has worked with clients facing these challenging issues for a number of years and she shares her insights and practical learnings through examples and case studies in the book.

The book starts with the basic premise of what comprises Guilt and Shame, the differences between the two and why they are so hard to let go of. It then moves on to exploring the more complex nuances of working with these issues and the dilemmas that the clinicians face including Features of Countertransference, Projective Identification, Failure of Attunement and Transmitted Guilt and Shame.

The latter part of the book is devoted to effective clinical techniques distilled from years of research and practice, with helpful case studies to support the clinicians’ understanding of the practical aspects of working with these issues in real life.

Last but not the least, the book discusses Guilt and Shame in the wider social context as both these concepts are intersubjective and co-constructed experiences, so the external context has significant impact on these two internal processes. This is vital for understanding these issues in their complexity.

This book, which balances a clear understanding of these challenging concepts with real-life examples of dealing with clients facing these dilemmas, is a handy asset to any clinician’s bookshelf.

About the Author

Dr Jan McGregor Hepburn has a background in Social Work Management and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and is a trainer for the North of England Association for Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. She has been the Registrar of the British Psychoanalytic Council since 2005 and chairs the Professional Standards Committee.

She is the author of several papers, most notably those published in the British Journal of Psychotherapy and European Psychotherapy Journal. She has presented papers at conferences and devised and facilitated both seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects to both management dynamics and clinical topics. She is part of the ScopEd project which is the collaboration between BACP, UKCP and BPC to map the core competencies for clinical work. She is on the Reading Panel of the British Journal of Psychotherapy and has a doctorate from the University of Northumbria. Her latest book: Guilt and Shame, A Clinician’s Guide is out now with nscience publishing house.

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