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Repairing a Ruptured Attachment Relationship: Video Course


Speaker: Joanna Fortune

Product: Video Course
Price: £135

CPD Hours: 6

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Newborn babies are born neurologically wired to attach to their Mothers, but it may be a different story from the Mother’s point of view. This isn’t a judgement because, life happens to people – but, needless to say, this non-availability of the primary attachment figure can severely impact the person’s ability to function in society.

We need to consider:

  • What impact does ruptured attachment have on a person’s capacity to mentalise?
  • What role does trauma play in this, (especially inter-generational trauma) and what is the difference in impact if the trauma is event specific rather than relational? and
  • What are the practical therapeutic routes to repairing a ruptured attachment relationship?
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Full Course Information

Access to a healthy attachment relationship is as important as access to food and air for a child’s development. While we wouldn’t dream of saying that a child in transient care placement should not be fed until they find a forever home, yet we do say let’s not begin the attachment repair work until they are in a forever home. To start the workshop, Joanna will challenge this practice and propose an alternative model of attachment repair work which can be applied at any stage.

This training will:

  • Dispel some of the myths surrounding ruptured attachment while exploring the practical meaning of the term Attachment Disorder
  • Explore how healthy attachment is formed and developed in relationships as well as the impact a ruptured attachment can have upon the child / young person’s sense of self, inner-working models and window of tolerance
  • Specifically consider the impact that ruptured attachment can have upon a person’s capacity to mentalise and how such low mentalization impacts upon a caregiver’s capacity to parent
  • Discuss specific therapeutic methods, that can be applied across therapeutic modalities for working on strengthening and enhancing the attachment relationship between a child and his / her caregivers, whomsoever they might be (parents, foster carers or adoptive parents)

Through case vignettes and self-reflective exercises, participants will learn practical therapeutic techniques for working on the repair of ruptured attachment and we will explore why dyadic approaches are so successful in this area of work.

About the speaker

Joanna Fortune is an accredited psychotherapist and author. She founded the Solamh Parent Child Relationship Clinic in Dublin in 2010 (www.solamh.comwhere she works with families around a variety of issues, specialising in attachment therapy. She is a recognised supervisor, trainer and conference speaker in her field. In 2017 she delivered a TEDx Talk on the topic “Social media – the ultimate shame game?” Having previously written a parenting column for the Sunday Times (Ireland Edition) she continues to write and contribute articles on child development and parenting in various other print publications. She will be the keynote speaker at the Irish Attachment in Action (IAIA) conference in Belfast and she will present new applications of the Theraplay model at the Theraplay Training Institute Conference in Chicago in 2020. She is also a broadcaster and regular media contributor to a variety of Irish radio and TV shows including regular appearances on Ireland AM and RTE’s Today Show amongst others. She is the consultant on the weekly parenting slot on Newstalk FM’s Sean Moncrieff Show. She has contributed to a number of books and publications and her first solo written book for parents, published by Gill Books Ireland 2018 and Bookouture UK 2020, is called 15 minute parenting – the quick and easy way to connect with your child.

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