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Unconscious Communication, Transference and Countertransference in Psychotherapy & Counselling: Video Course


Speaker: Dr Richard G. Erskine

Product: Video Course
Price: £135

CPD hours: 6

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Pre-symbolic experience, implicit memory and repressed explicit memory all constitute unconscious processes that get enacted through transference. As therapists, we know that in our clinical settings, unconscious communication may be expressed through the client’s affect, enacted in the client’s behaviour, encoded in the client’s stories and metaphors and engendered in the psychotherapist’s emotional response. Our therapeutic endeavors require us to be cognizant of these presentations and constantly attend to expressions of countertransference, transference and other forms of unconscious communication.

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Full Course Information

At this unique and practical training workshop Dr Richard Erskine draws on an integrative therapeutic approach that is centred on a deep understanding of cognitive, affective, physiological and relational systems to explore psychotherapeutically relevant aspects of unconscious psychological functions, the significance of enactments, how these experiences of childhood neglect and trauma are unconsciously relived in every-day life, multiple representations of transference and both responsive and reactive countertransference.

Through lecture, case-vignettes and clinical discussion, the workshop emphasizes how we can incorporate learnings from developmentally-based, relationally-focussed, Integrative Psychotherapy in conjunction with our primary modalities; and covers the following topics:

  • decoding our clients’ unconscious relational patterns
  • distinguishing between transference and transactions
  • enhancing inter-subjective contact
  • identifying domains of unconscious communication
  • translating juxtaposition reactions into full communication
  • exploring the psychotherapist’s physiological, affective, and fantasy responses to the client (countertransference)
  • distinguishing between reactive and responsive countertransference
  • the effective use of countertransference

About the speaker

Richard G. Erskine, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and Training Director of the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy (New York City and Vancouver).  Originally trained in client-centered child therapy, Dr Erskine also studied Gestalt therapy with both Fritz and Laura Perls.  He is a certified clinical Transactional Analyst and a Licensed Psychoanalyst who has specialized in psychoanalytic self-psychology and object-relations theory.  His work is an integration of these concepts and more than forty years of clinical experience, which has included working with disturbed children, inmates in a maximum security prison, borderline and narcissistic clients, post-traumatic stress and dissociative identity disorders.  Recently his research and clinical practice have focused on the treatment of the schizoid process and on the psychotherapy of obsession.

He is the author of several books and scores of articles on psychotherapy theory and methods.  His best-selling book (with Jan Moursund and Rebecca Trautmann) is Beyond Empathy: A Therapy of Contact-in-Relationship (1999, Brunner/Mazel) and most recently, in 2015, he has published Relational Patterns, Therapeutic Presence (Karnac).

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