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New Hope for Therapy Resistant Depression

6:00pm to 9:00pm, London, UK time on each day

1 year video access

6 CPD / CE Credits


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Course Credits

6 CPD / CE

Course Length

6 hrs of video content


Dr Janina Fisher


Online streaming only

Course Description

The very nature of chronic depression often defeats our very best therapeutic efforts. How can clients recover when they have no hope or interest? When they are battling with depths of despair and feel drained of all energy? When they persistently feel low in spirit and fatigued? When they continually torture themselves with accusations of worthlessness or inadequacy?

What's included in this course

What You'll Learn

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early bird ends in

Early birds <b>SOLD OUT!</b> But you can still <b>get your ticket at the regular price.</b>

Goals & Objectives

Gain specific skills for helping both groups
Discuss the structure of the body’s nervous system
Differentiate two types of freeze states from two classes of hypo-aroused states
Employ the sensory nervous system to mediate flashbacks and nightmare
Discern a relaxed (muscular) state from a calm (nervous system) state
Adapt mindfulness, yoga, and physical exercise to be accessible to clients with dysregulated nervous systems and PTSD

Employ the sensory nervous system for instant stabilisation during therapy sessions and in daily lives of clients
Identify both obvious as well as previously unrecognised resources as antidotes to traumatic stress states
Revived the (too-often) neglected application of therapeutic contracts and treatment planning
Gain tools to enable trauma clients to make better (and safer) use of mindful practices such as meditation, MBSR, and yoga

What You'll Gain From This Course

Apply Trauma-Informed Approach that understands depression as a relationship between a set of physiological symptoms and cognitive schemas that in combination keep the depression intractable and persistent

Assess and make sense of chronic depression as a trauma-related response reinforced by negative beliefs

Also describe how to apply neurobiologically informed therapy techniques that will help us to offer hope to the chronically depressed client

About the speakers

Dr Janina Fisher

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Don’t miss out on this course!
early bird ends in

Early birds <b>SOLD OUT!</b> But you can still <b>get your ticket at the regular price.</b>

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