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Practical Interventions for Anxiety and Acute Traumatic Stress

An online webinar

Speaker: Dr Arielle Schwartz 
Date: 1 July 2020, Wednesday
Location: Online
Times: 6:00pm to 9:00pm, London, UK time
CPD hours: 3
Ticket price per delegate: £60

Note: All our webinar tickets booked after 1 May 2020 include complimentary access to a recorded version for 30 days.

In this rapidly changing world during Covid-19, our clients may be faced with multiple stressors – the loss of loved ones, feelings of being out of control, increased isolation and an enhanced fear of the future; leading to high levels of anxiousness and in some cases, symptoms of acute traumatic stress.

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Full Course Information

As therapists, we realise that stressful life experiences can lead clients to be stuck in dysregulated nervous system states. By studying a healthy stress response, we can help clients to successfully manage hyperarousal symptoms of anxiety, restlessness, irritability, panic, and anger. This webinar is aimed at equipping us with a range of practical, immediately accessible tools – drawn from both cognitive behavioral therapy as well as somatic psychology, which we can use to help our clients through this difficult time.

Through examples and case vignettes, the webinar explains that since anxiety leads us to be hyperfocused on a fear of the future; we can create greater security by increasing our client’s mindfulness of the present moment. Utilising specific therapeutic techniques including guided imagery, restorative breathwork and embodiment practices, we can help our clients to reclaim a sense of choice about how and when to attend to their feelings; so as to achieve a successful stabilization of acute symptoms.

Our learning objectives over the 3-hour webinar include:

  • Explain acute traumatic stress as related to the body’s innate physiological response systems
  • Understand the autononomic nervous system from a polyvagal perspective
  • Apply mindful body-awareness as a tool for self-care and anxiety reduction
  • Discuss the faux window of tolerance as differentiated from the resolution of acute traumatic stress
  • Practice at least three top-down interventions for working with acute anxiety and panic
  • Learn bottom-up somatic release practices for anxiety and acute traumatic stress

About the Speaker

Arielle Schwartz, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist, EMDR Therapy consultant, somatic psychotherapist, and certified yoga instructor with a private practice in Boulder, Colorado. She earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Fielding Graduate University and holds a Master’s degree in Somatic Psychology through Naropa University. She is the author of four books, The Complex PTSD Workbook: A Mind-Body Approach to Emotional Control and Becoming Whole (Althea Press, 2016)EMDR Therapy and Somatic Psychology: Interventions to Enhance Embodiment in Trauma Treatment (W. W. Norton, 2018), The Post Traumatic Growth Guidebook (Pesi Publishing, 2020), and The Practical Guide to Complex PTSD: Compassionate Strategies to Begin Healing from Childhood Trauma (Rockridge Press, 2020). She is an internationally sought out trainer who presents on topics such as somatic psychology, EMDR Therapy, Complex PTSD, Attachment Trauma, and treating Chronic pain and illness. She is a certified yoga instructor offering therapeutic yoga for trauma recovery. Her integrative approach to therapy includes the synthesis of existential therapy, Gestalt, structural integration theory, somatic psychology, and EMDR Therapy—all with a strong relational foundation of care. Learn more at

Webinar Schedule:

5.45pm: Online Registration

6.00pm: Session 1: Understanding Acute Traumatic Stress and Anxiety

  • Acute Traumatic Stress and Anxiety
    • Healthy stress response
    • The role of mobilization
    • Polyvagal theory as related to acute traumatic stress
    • Traumatic stress and immobilization
    • Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Processing
  • Anxiety and State Dependent Memory
    • The Upward and Downward Spiral
    • Fear and the Memory of Fear
    • Fear vs. Anxiety
    • Mindfulness of the Here-and-Now

7:45pm: Session 2: Emotional Health and Empowerment

  • Top-Down Strategies for Grounding and Regulation
    • Self-Awareness of Anxiety Triggers
    • The Weather Report and Forecast
    • Develop Healthy Distractions
    • Calming Visualization and Imagery
    • Cultivating Helpful and Hopeful thoughts
    • Connecting to Wise Mind
    • Asserting Healthy Boundaries
  • Bottom-up Strategies for Emotional Health and Empowerment
    • Restorative Breathing
    • Nourish the Nervous System
    • Somatic Release Practices
    • Enhancing Positive Emotions

9:00pm: Close

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NScience | Mental Health Seminars
NScience | Mental Health Seminars

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