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Gift vouchers now available

Digital gift vouchers are redeemable against any nscience course.

Gift vouchers now available

Digital gift vouchers are redeemable against any nscience course.

About narcissism therapy courses for therapists

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a mental health condition displayed in people who are usually perceived as being manipulators, vain or egocentric. While some may believe that people who display narcissistic tendencies cannot be cured, this is completely untrue. NPD is entirely treatable and there are narcissism therapists ready to provide the help. NPD therapists may engage in cognitive behaviour therapies (CBT) to work through thoughts and behaviours. The past of the client may be spoken about to get them to understand why they act in a certain way. Once the client understands why they act a certain way, action can be taken to deal with the issues they might be facing. NPD specialists may also use other specific therapies to address a narcissistic personality, including psychotherapy, schema therapy, gestalt therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy.

Why choose nscience?

Nscience provides support for therapists to continue their professional development. This includes training opportunities for those who wish to learn through the latest research and clinical expertise of well-known experts in the field, to support the patients who need them the most. These courses are designed with you in mind. This means you can select the course that will suit you best and learn from experienced professionals. We have held hundreds of courses, seminars, webinars and conferences to date, and have a stellar reputation as a leading provider of training opportunities to therapists around the world.

Nscience has a range of courses, seminars, webinars, conferences and video recordings available both in both online and offline formats to help you expand your own professional development. You will have access to world-class specialists who will share their expertise with you.

Here are some examples of what you will learn from our courses:

  • The effects of trauma on fantasy
  • The manifestations of narcissism
  • Relationships and neglect
  • Pathological narcissism and its manifestations

Specifically, these courses are designed for NPD therapists, counsellors and teachers. However, as they may relate to more specific subsections of therapy and therapeutic techniques, our courses in this category also be useful for those who wish to learn about CBT or talking-based therapies.

Therapists may find the techniques learned from these courses useful if they are struggling to get their patients to open up or to understand where they may be going wrong in their lives. Whether you are an experienced therapist or you are only just starting your career as a mental health professional, you will likely find these courses useful in your professional development, and for getting better results in your close work with clients.

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