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The Devil You Know: Video Course


Speakers: Dr Gwen Adshead and Dr Jan McGregor Hepburn

Product: Video Course
Price: £56

CPD Hours: 2

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The reason for evil in the world is that people are not able to tell their stories

― Carl Jung, Freud Letters, Vol. 2

How do we understand and work with evil? Dr Gwen Adshead has spent thirty years providing therapy inside secure hospitals and prisons. Whatever her patient / client’s crime, from serial homicide to stalking, arson to child-abuse, her aim is to help them to better know – and change – their minds. Now in a pathbreaking new book titled ‘The Devil You Know: Stories of Human Cruelty and Compassion’ – Dr Adshead takes us through real life cases, into the room with people we would normally flinch from as ‘monsters’ – discussing whether there were any slivers of hope and possibilities of recovery.

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Full Course Information

Speaking for the first time about the book, Dr Adshead will be in conversation with Dr Jan McGregor Hepburn at this intellectually stimulating and unique seminar – where she asks the questions:

  • How do we react when we come face to face with psychopathy or ‘evil’ in our therapeutic interactions?
  • How do psychotherapeutic conversations help men and women explore aspects of themselves that are frightening or difficult to think about?
  • Why is it especially challenging to engage people who find it hard to talk about themselves, their lives and their actions?
  • Is it possible and indeed desirable for us to maintain compassion in the face of cruelty?
  • Can the usual boundaries apply when we are faced with ‘evil’ – how do we look after ourselves as well as clients / patients?
  • As a society, have we become less tolerant of crime over the years? What impact does this have on how we approach therapy?

Join us at this emotionally charged, cerebral conversation that is bound to resonate in our consciousness long after the seminar.

About the speakers

Dr Gwen Adshead is a Forensic Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist. She trained at St George’s Hospital, the Institute of Psychiatry and the Institute of Group Analysis.  She is trained as a group therapist and a Mindfulness-based cognitive therapist and has also trained in Mentalisation-based therapy. She worked for nearly twenty years as a Consultant Forensic Psychotherapist at Broadmoor Hospital, running psychotherapeutic groups for offenders and working with staff around relational security and organisational dynamics. Gwen also has a Masters’ Degree in Medical Law and Ethics; and has a research interest in moral reasoning, and how this links with ‘bad’ behaviour.

Gwen was visiting professor at Yale School of Psychiatry and Law in 2013; and also honoured with the President’s Medal for services to psychiatry that same year for her work on ethics in psychiatry. She was awarded an honorary doctorate by St George’s hospital in 2015; and was Gresham Professor of Psychiatry 2014-2017. She now works in a medium secure unit in Hampshire in a service for high-risk offenders with personality disorder; and in a women’s prison.

Dr Jan McGregor Hepburn has a background in Social Work Management and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and is a trainer for the North of England Association for Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. She has been the Registrar of the British Psychoanalytic Council since 2005 and chairs the Professional Standards Committee. She is the author of several papers, most notably those published in the British Journal of Psychotherapy and European Psychotherapy Journal. She has presented papers at conferences and devised and facilitated both seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects to both management dynamics and clinical topics.

She is part of the ScopEd project which is the collaboration between BACP, UKCP and BPC to map the core competencies for clinical work. She is on the Reading Panel of the British Journal of Psychotherapy and has a doctorate from the University of Northumbria. Her latest book: Guilt and Shame, A Clinician’s Guide is out now with nscience publishing house.

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