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Couples Therapy Training Courses

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  • The Couple Counsellor’s Video Resource Pack

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  • Video resource pack: Working with Couples: Intimacy and Sexuality

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  • Video resource pack: Attachment and Toxic Couple Relationships: Therapeutic Interventions

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  • The Art and Science of Couples Therapy: Video Course

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  • Therapy Session Masterclass (TSM) Series: The Couple Outside the Room: Video Course

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  • The Worst Kind of Hurt? Working with Infidelity in Couples: Video Course

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  • From Courtship through Commitment: Attachment Styles and Intimate Relationships: Video Course

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  • Narcissism, Gender Roles and Psychopathy: Exploring intersecting and reciprocal relationships: Video Course

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  • Understanding Coercive, Controlling Behaviour and Domestic Abuse during COVID 19: Video Course

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  • Attachment & Sexuality: Video Course

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  • NScience | Mental Health Seminars

    Attachment, MBT & Toxic Couple Relationships: Video Course

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  • Attachment & the Healing of Intimate Relationships


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About couples therapy training courses for therapists

Couples therapy helps partners reinforce their relationships and start the healing process when it comes to any sexual, emotional or romantic problems. This form of psychotherapy is available for any type of couple, whether they be married or at the start of a relationship. This therapy can be tailored to age, sexual orientation, race and faith. It can either be short-term or long-term and also includes marriage counselling, family counselling and pre-marital therapy.

There is no shame in needing a little help when it comes to a relationship. If couples find that they are having problems they just can’t fix, a couples’ therapist can be there to guide both partners through a variety of exercises and therapies.

A couples’ therapist will help the couple to identify what is causing their relationship issues. This may include recurring problems, such a lack of trust, or a disconnect between partners. Each partner can learn to address their problems heads-on and each gets the opportunity to understand how the other feels. In addition, they can learn how to work through dysfunctional behaviour.

As a couples’ therapist, it is your job to help your clients understand how to forgive and move forward with their lives together. Therefore, you may be asked to focus on specific issues in the personal lives of the couples, including any substance abuse, domestic abuse, violent behaviour and any previous trauma that is pulling the couple apart. You may also be asked to mainly concentrate on emotionally focused therapy, but in some specialised cases, you may find it necessary to provide separate sessions to each of your clients.

If you are a prospective couples counsellor or are already qualified to take on your own clients, having access to both in-person and online events can help improve your skill set. It allows you to learn new techniques distilled from latest research in the field that you can bring to your practice and can help your clients with the issues they might be facing.

Nscience is dedicated to providing excellent seminars, workshops, conferences and online webinars to therapists and mental health specialists around the world. This way, you gain access to brand new research and techniques that can improve the lives of your clients.

Here at nscience, we help you find the best courses to suit your interests. In our couples therapy videos, you can learn about:

Couples therapy courses are created for therapists, therapists-in-training, counsellors and psychologists. They are the perfect way to enhance your skills and learn from highly regarded practitioners in the field. That way, you can bring these skills into your own therapy sessions and improve the lives of your clients.

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